26 Oct


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“You’re born to be a salesperson”. “You’ve got the gift of the gab”.

Heard them all before? Boring aren’t they. And in most instances… Not true!


Sales is actually an activity that exists in every facet of life, not just in business. And whether you like to admit it or not, we have all sold something in our lives.

Salespeople aren’t ‘born’. Salespeople are simply those that can use basic forms of human communication to better understand a person’s wants and needs.


If you have your own business, you are selling your vision, your product, your services. In fact, you are most likely selling yourself.

If you are convincing a friend to go to a specific restaurant, you are selling the idea for a decision to be made by them.

If you are requesting a pay rise at work, regardless of the department you work in, then you are selling that idea to your employer (we all hope you get it!)

Any situation where a decision needs to be made by another person is a sales situation, and that doesn’t mean you are doing something bad or convincing people to do or buy something unwanted. It is just a conversation that has a specific outcome.


So why am I up on my high horse about this right now?

Put simply, sales has a bad rep and I want to do something to change that perception and show the business community that there is a ‘better’ version of what they perceive sales to be.

In changing this perception I also want to be able to support people in all stages of their career understand the power of selling, and how it can be used as a force for good. Be it in their careers, businesses or even finding work (yes, a job interview is a sales situation too!).

Having been in the world of sales for well over 20 years now, I’ve seen the industry change and become much more exciting than simply cold calling and hitting sales targets. For starters, we have Social Media, CRMs on our phones, and this nifty tool called Google (now I’m really showing my age).

What we don’t yet have is a safe place for people to share their stories, needs and hopes with other like-minded people.


“Get to the point Ben!” I hear you cry…

My company, Second Voice, has teamed up with the phenomenally talented group of people at Silicon Brighton to create a new event series and community aptly named, the South Coast Sellers Club.

This is the start of a new community for salespeople at all levels. Industry experts, business owners, startup founders, sales teams, people managers, first-jobbers and those looking to break into the world of selling, or even just to understand more about it.

We will be bringing you regular events online (and in-person once the world opens up again) with a wide range of topics and practical advice for you to implement in your roles and businesses immediately.

Learn from experienced thought leaders and become thought leaders yourselves.

Be recognised for your achievements, and not just for how much money you billed against your target last month, but how you are developing your skills and honing your craft.

While Second Voice and Silicon Brighton will be curating this community, the design is that it belongs to us all. Therefore if you have a specific topic you want to discuss, a colleague who deserves recognition, a role that needs filling, or even just want to bounce around some ideas with fellow salespeople, we will be bringing the community together in a private LinkedIn group where all of this can be discussed freely and in the strictest of confidence.

Our launch event will be on the 19th of November, with some great speakers to be announced shortly.

Visit https://secondvoice.co.uk/south-coast-sellers-club/ and sign up to the community today!

We cant wait to bring this together for everyone and sincerely look forward to your contribution.

From myself and the team at Silicon Brighton, we look forward to empowering the next wave of sellers on the South Coast!


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Written by Ben Bennett

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