03 Jan

The problem with writing down your business ideas

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Ever since I’ve had an iPhone (sorry Android fans), I have been using the Notes app to jot down, what I perceive to be, great ideas for a business.

So far I am yet to see a theme or industry amongst my ideas. They range from advertising tech, gig tickets and merchandising, childcare, homes for the elderly, supporting the homeless and lazers!!!! A wide range of topics I’m sure you will agree.

So I’ve stumbled across a huge problem with writing my ideas down. Something that is so utterly obvious, I’m surprised it has taken me this long to work it out.

The way I stumbled across this problem is that over the last four or five years, I have noticed that at least three of my ‘utterly unique’ and ‘incredible’ ideas have been created. And not by me, I hasten to add!

So, to the problem. The ideas are a flash of inspiration. I wrote them down with as many notes possible. Including considerations, implications, appropriate contacts, audiences etc. And then… they stay written in my Notes and not a single thing is done about it. They are gathering dust while someone else executes against MY plans!! How selfish of them!

It makes me bitter to see these ideas come to life at the hands of another person. Not bitter because I feel cheated but bitter for not acting on the thoughts instead of just writing down an idea.

All it would have taken to get me moving down just one of those paths is some more in-depth research. Baby steps to start fleshing out an idea or concept. But I didn’t.

The ironic thing is that I was so keen to document this flash of inspiration so that I didn’t forget it, to then go on and do something worse than forget. Neglect!

I’m not saying that any of my ideas would have been a success, in fact, they may be better off having been created by these other individuals out there, but what I am saying is I should have acted on those thoughts.

I speak to so many people every day who want to ‘start their own business’ but have no idea what. They continue to dream and neglect to take action, just like I used to. I know that many will retire from their jobs (probably aged 70+ at this rate) filled with regret that they never took action.

One of my favourite sayings from my South-East London youth is, that some people are “all mouth and no trousers”. Roughly translated means, all talk and no action. Make sure you’ve got the trousers!!

Written by Ben Bennett

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