03 May

What Does a Start-Up Mentor Do and Why Does Your Business Need One?

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As the founder of a B2B start-up, you’re excited about your idea and the opportunities for growth that lays ahead. Along the way, you’ve also realised it’s not all plain sailing – and that there are some challenges you probably won’t be able to overcome on your own. Finding a start-up mentor to accelerate your growth might already be part of your business plan but you’re reticent about taking the next step.

What’s stopping you from finding and working with a start-up mentor? Perhaps you don’t know what a so-called enabler does or are worried they might take over and tell you how to run your business (which couldn’t be further from the truth).


To understand what an enabler does, it’s probably helpful to identify scenarios where you might need one.


With that in mind, here are three reasons you might reach out to a mentor for help:

  1. Is your business idea viable? If you’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way, you’ll most likely have researched those problems in hope of a solution. But what happens when those solutions pose more questions than answers?
  2. Who should you hire and when? If sales are down, customers are unhappy, or you’re struggling to tap into a new market but can’t, you’ll need specialist help. Knowing where to start is a whole different ball game.
  3. Are you struggling to find new clients? Perhaps you’ve relied so far on referrals or leads generated via your website or social media. But you now want to find the channels where your customers are most active. This is, however, a minefield and you need an expert to help you navigate this challenging landscape.


Talk to a mentor now


Start-up mentors explained

This is where a start-up mentor comes in. This will be a person with extensive industry experience, often gained within a particular sector. They could have a background in marketing, sales, thought leadership, or even human resources. Finding a start-up enabler with practical knowledge and experience of working in your sector is essential if you want to take your business to the next level.

A mentor might also have been a founder like you, meaning they can apply real world learnings to your situation and prevent you from making the mistakes they made (that’s right, mentors have been there and worn the t-shirt, which means you can trust in the advice they give).


Research shows that start-ups who invest in mentors report greater levels of growth than those businesses that try to go it alone. Hiring a specialist could save you months of work and play a key factor in the continued success and growth of your company.

Can you afford not to take the next step by at least talking to a mentor? It won’t cost you anything and you might end up forming a valuable partnership.


Myth: a start-up mentor will take over your business

This is an urban legend. A start-up mentor is there to suggest, support, and guide. But they will never tell you how to run your company or take control of it. Quite the opposite. Over time they will gradually withdraw until a point is reached where both you and they feel the time has come to part company (but on a high note and with a cause for celebration).


Our three key pillars explain the mentoring process clearly

Every B2B start-up business is different. That’s why a mentor will adapt their approach to suit the individual needs of each client. But the overarching process will be broadly the same.

We work with start-ups in Brighton and throughout the UK using a three-pillared approach that has worked with great success for our clients.


Our three pillars are:

  1. Strategy. Work with us and one of the first things we’ll do is look at and unpack your sales strategy. together we will rebuild it using a fresh relevant plan and research designed to get your product or service in front of the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.
  2. Structure & Tools. We won’t just help build a new sales strategy for your business. We’ll help you locate the right tools to maximise your sales growth – while also optimising your customer journeys and business processes to achieve even better outcomes.
  3. People. Making sure you have the right skills in-house will strongly influence whether – or how well – you maximise opportunities. We’ll help you find the right people at the right tactical moment, so that turning down work, tapping into new markets, or dealing with dissatisfied customers become things of the past.


Support from beginning to end

A start-up enabler doesn’t just ‘get things started’ (as the name implies). Instead, they provide ongoing support at agreed intervals to make sure things are working as planned (and suggest new tactics if not).


Let’s talk about your plans

With over two decades of experience in sales and business growth, we’ve built businesses from the ground up and helped countless of others, in Brighton and throughout the rest of the UK, to grow and realise their true potential


Contact us for an informal chat today. Wouldn’t you rather have a team of friendly experts on hand to help your business emerge from lockdown and navigate a  brand new economic landscape?

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Written by Ben Bennett

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