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We recognise that the best way to get results for our clients is to work as a cohesive network. This is why we might operate as a 'traditional' consultancy, but we behave like a forward-thinking group of entrepreneurs. Meet our specialist Partners below.

Ben Bennett

Ben is the Founder and Managing Partner of Second Voice and is our go-to-market, commercial and operations specialist. He has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and businesses to create commercial and operational efficiencies and give them the best competitive advantage. He has an unhealthy obsession with performance metrics and refinement and is a regular contributor within the Brighton business community.
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Jurie van Rensburg

Jurie is a highly experienced international Finance Director and Business Advisor. He is no stranger to the complexities of the finance world and is known for delivering operational cost savings and improving commercial and financial processes. From Budgets and P&Ls to Cashflow models and Forecasting, he has the answers. On top of this, Jurie has a fantastic network to support our clients in raising commercial finance.
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Olu Peyrasse

With a diverse background and having worked with 100s of founders and leaders from all walks of life, industries and stages of growth, Olu enables entrepreneurial leaders to build high impact, scalable businesses and become the best version of themselves through a wide range of techniques. An excellent facilitator of workshops and individual or group sessions to focus on personal and business growth.
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Georgi Bennett

Georgi is a Chartered Financial Adviser providing whole of market financial planning solutions in the following areas: Retirement, Investment, Wealth Preservation, Strategic Tax Planning, Inheritance Tax and Protection. She holds the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and the Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management.
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Jake Hills

Jake is a WordPress & front-end web developer from Brighton. Having freelanced for over a decade, Jake has had the opportunity to work with a vast array of companies and industries. Immaculate code, thought-out UX and rigorous testing are paramount to the way he works. He built the website you're looking at right now.
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