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Whether you’re a service-led or tech business, taking things to the next level is never far from your mind. But how do you take that big leap? At Second Voice, we specialise in helping B2B founders like you to accelerate their growth and revenue.

Want to work with a company that understands start-up growth? Then you’re in the right place.

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We’ve rapidly grown to become the go-to consultancy for B2B founders operating in the service and tech space.


Our mission is simple: we’ll help you scale your business and grow your revenues.


We’re proud to be mentors for Natwest Group’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, which helps high-growth businesses break into new markets and locate new investment opportunities.


We’ve worked successfully with start-ups in Brighton and throughout the rest of the UK. Find out how we can help yours by getting in touch to learn more.

Our Services

At Second Voice we discuss processes in detail with founders of B2B companies such as service and tech start-up businesses. Our goal is to empower and educate our clients by supplying bespoke and affordable online business coaching and mentoring services from Brighton and throughout the UK.

Our processes provide entrepreneurs with the ability they need to fully understand and execute go-to-market planning, deployment of efficient sales and operational structures. By deliberate and focused targeting, our process works from the beginning of training right through to executing strategies that can help your business to grow exponentially.

Whilst we provide founders with the tools to grow, offering online support to them along their journey is also a top priority.

Coaching And Mentoring for Founders

These bespoke programmes have been developed in Brighton to meet the needs of small businesses throughout the UK. We aim to provide start-up businesses in both the service and tech industry with the ability to generate more leads and, in turn, more clients. It is our primary goal to help drive a high sales performance for the likes of agency owners, accountants, consultants and creatives across the UK, in addition to those wanting to break ground in software development.

By helping start-up businesses to build on their strategy, our clients can begin to define their processes. Furthermore, by training our client’s entire team, we aim to create a sales funnel filled with potential. Upon completion of the initial process of business coaching and mentoring, our clients can expect to have clear and set out objectives that have been backed up through a researched sales strategy.

Our in-depth competitor analysis allows clients to understand the general trajectory of similar UK businesses in the service and tech start-up industry. Clients will also have a clear and mapped-out understanding of the sales process after receiving help in developing a documented customer journey and the chosen tools needed to aid in sales efforts.

Our clients will also have a much better understanding of additional and essential aspects of their business. Examples include customer analysis, staffing requirements, clear pricing structures and forecasts.

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We are...

Curious & highly inquisitive

Learning is progress. Start-up growth, therefore, stems from being inquisitive, objective, and open to criticism. That’s why we’ll keep asking questions until we get the bigger picture - so we can take your business in the right direction.

Experienced & authentic

We’ve launched and scaled successful businesses - but have made mistakes too and learnt from them. Using real-world experience you can’t get in a classroom, we’ll identify your challenges and help you overcome them.

Trustworthy & trusted too

We’re proud of what we achieve for our customers, and that NatWest has made Second Voice part of its accelerator programme. To learn how we can add value to your start-up or tech business, head over to our testimonials page and see what our happy customers have to say.

Human beings just like you

We’re more than a team of experienced business professionals. We’re human beings who care and want your business to succeed. That’s why we’ll work alongside you, adopting the mindset of partner, not contractor. We’re in it together from start to finish, as a team.

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” – Anthony Volodkin

We have strategists, marketers, number whizzes and sales masters, in fact, we cover almost everything you need to help you make the most of your start-up or scale-up opportunity. The only thing we don’t have, is you!

Meet the Team

Ben Bennett

Ben is the Founder and Managing Partner of Second Voice and is our go-to-market, commercial and operations specialist. He has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and businesses to create commercial and operational efficiencies and give them the best competitive advantage. He has an unhealthy obsession with performance metrics and refinement and is a regular contributor within the Brighton business community.
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